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Shaun White x Target - Fall/Winter 2010 - Debut Sneaker Collection | Available This Week

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Going back to his skating roots, skate prodigy turned national snowboarding hero, Shaun White, has not only collaborated with Burton to create his very own White Collection, but has also been working with Target for a while now to create a line of affordable apparel and accessories for budding skaters everywhere. This season, Shaun White returns with a line-up of sneakers for his collaboration with Target, and he will be skating in these shoes for this year's summer X Games. His collection for sneakers will be hitting Target stores and online this week and the collection of six styles will range from $27.99 to $34.99. Out of the six styles, three will be for men and three will be for boys.

On an interesting side note, according to White, skate shoes are meant to be easily broken in, so at the affordable price point, skaters can have little qualms about breaking in their shoes and replacing them to up their game. Stay tuned this week for the debut collaborative skate-shoe collection to hit the racks!