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Nike Air Terra Sertig | Available Now

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The picturesque Sertig Valley near Davos, Switzerland is perhaps the most scenic location in all of Central Europe. So perfect, in fact, that it takes on a surreal element to it.  Its perfection was another reason Nike designers christened Sertig on its Air Terra boot.  After a brief hiatus, Nike had brought back this all-terrain classic.   Truly a hiking boots, rather than just mimicry of one, the Nike Air Terra Sertig was a go anywhere, do anything type of footwear.  So after the slew of re-release of Air Max, Jordans and other, Nike launched the classic all-terrain footwear, however, only at select retailers such as Dr. Jay's flagship store on 34th Street, New York.

Dr. Jay's
33 West 34th Street | Map
New York, NY 10018
TEL #: 212-695-3354