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adidas Originals - OT Tech Hike Spezial Boot

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Boots for riding? And no, sure they both have two wheels, but this is not about the biker boot, and it is not about the Harley. adidas Originals has proven that boots, modeled after those designed to trek through hills and fall foliage can be just as at home on your traditional bicycles as well. The OT Tech Collection is a simple line-up for black, blue and grey sneakers that have been remodeled for cyclists-- giving cyclists more choices than slim low-tops. Set to release for Fall 2010 (hence shall be hitting stores extremely soon), adidas Originals OT Tech collection has taken one of the most popular fall footwear silhouette, the hiking boot and give it a little sleek adidas Originals treatment with a mix of cool grey leather, black ballistic nylon upper, suede toes and the famous OT zig-zag pattern. Stay tuned!