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Capsule Show New York Men's Trade Show

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Think hosting a trade show is as easy as issuing invites, locating a space and setting up some booths? Think again. To create a well-organized trade show is almost on par as curating a museum exhibition-- locking down the right goods for the right places. In the attention deficit world of fashion where trends enjoy the life span of a fruit fly, (capsule) manages to rise above many and capture the attention of the critical fashion crowd with a finely curated list of exhibitors, and also has turned trade show from something that impresses upon us as rowdy and hectic into a definitive visit that promises insight into a volatile industry. After a successful run in Paris with a new location, (capsule) will be hitting New York City next week at a new space as well, at Center 548, the ex-dwelling for the DIA Art Foundation.

Some key labels one can expect this season include the purveyor of Parisian effortlessness, Kitsune, John Bartlett, Grahame Fowler, SPURR by Simon Spurr, Southern luxurious Billy Reid, and hand-crafted footwear goodness from Yuketen.

Aside from regular trade show business, (capsule) New York Men's will also be playing host to several events including architectural and performance installations, art exhibitions, drinks, parties and a special online pop-up shop, (capsule) Travel Mart featuring exclusive travel accessories from designers such as Mark McNairy and Jack Spade.

If you are in the industry, this is one trade show not to be missed, so do hurry up and register at (capsule).