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diagnl - Ninja Camera Strap

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Many times, both in the past and the present, a realization of a need would lead to an epiphany of sort. While on assignment in Chicago, professional photographer and urban cyclist David R. Munson came upon a problem, how to secure his pricey DSLR with him without the benefit of a bag? A similar paradox faced everyday by thousands of avid photographers Stored away their cameras, though protected, only to missed that instantaneous moment on film.

Munson's solution was simple yet quite ingenious a re-designed camera strap. Not just any camera strap, but one that retracted and extended accordingly to the users' need. Or as he named it Ninja Strap. Constructed not in easily worn-out elastic band but high-grade denier nylon, the same as messenger bag straps, Munson employed a network of loops and quick-release clasp. The operation is fluid and almost intuitive. One pull releases the extra slack on the strap, making the camera accessible. Another pull retracts the reel, pulling the camera in without it hanging freely. So far, the Ninja Strap is only available at Munson's label, diagnl, online store. However, the demand of the product means to be in-store at a camera shop near you. See the tutorial video below on how this amazing photography tool works.