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Complex - DJ Clark Kent's Top 10 Sneakers Of 2010

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But instead of looking at it as "a glass half empty", we're looking at it as "a glass half full". Certainly, the year kicked off with a sour note. No one was for sure how some of the industries, including that of athletic wear, would hold up after the financial melt down of 2008 and 2009. Instead, the year brought on a few surprises the huge campaigns for FIFA World Cup, Nike's own mixology with Air Attack Pack, the continue popularity of ObyO. Even the resurrection of Reebok with Emporio Armani and Insta Pump Fury Superlite.

To look back at this halfway mark, Complex enlisted the help of sneaker aficionado, DJ Clark Kent, to list some of his top picks for 2010 thus far. Instead of the expected, Kent's pick is a mixed bag of goodies. A few usual suspects, and the rest are surprises, editions you normally would not associate with Kent. Check Complex for a complete list and more of Kent's commentaries on each designs.