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Indie184 Presents "ARTEFACTS" Exhibition | TT Underground Gallery

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In this sophomore exhibition at the newly opened gallery, TT Underground, ARTEFACT set aside the known boundaries, be it in artists, in medium, or something as simple as size of the works. Instead, heeding to the notion of a "group show", the exhibit will be an exploration of the many in one setting. Where mediums, sizes, and artists all will cross path. Curated by Indie184, whose long been a driving force in the urban art scene, ARTEFACT will include works from:

Shepard Fairey | Mr. Cartoon | Swoon | Koralie | Quik RTW | James & Karla Murray | Cope2 | Owen Dippie | Rime MSK | Estevan Oriol | Clayton Patterson | Katsu | Faust

A fascinating collage of ideas, works, and friends. ARTEFACTS is set to open tomorrow and will be on display at TT Underground for the duration of July.

TT Underground
91 2nd Avenue | Map
New York, NY 10003

Exhibition Date: July 16th (Friday) - July 29th (Thursday) | 2 pm - 7 pm

Opening Reception: July 15th (Tomorrow!) | 7 pm - 11 pm