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Nike Air Zoom Tennis Classic ND - 2CS Series

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2CS-- a clandestine combination of alphanumerics that probably doesn't mean anything to the untrained eye. How about a learned sneakerhead? Sure, the style and reference number for each shoe means a certain thing-- a certain colorway, a certain shade. So, what does 2CS mean? Well, it references the copper tongue tag and copper lower eyelet on the kicks. In comes the new Nike Air Zoom Tennis Classic ND which is one of the favorite low-top silhouettes for those who love a more sophisticated look on their sneakers. Available in two classy muted shades, the Tennis Classics in the 2CS Series comes in a matte all-black and effortless grey. The toes have been slightly burnished to create a worn-in look which presents a nice contrast to the copper accents. Check out the special copper-hued 2CS tongue tag and eyelet. via: