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Nike Blazers Customs Gustav Klimt Inspired By Diversitile

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His death at 56 left a legacy beyond comprehension, with numerous works still unfinished. But with what he already created, painter Gustav Klimt furthered the Symbolist school of thought. In addition, the mosaic quality and inclusion of gold leafs, beautified the seldom-complex creations from other artists of the Symbolist movement. Making Klimt's works all the more valuable. Indeed, Klimt's portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer sold for $135 million dollars in 2006, at the time the highest price paid for a painting.

In many ways a kindred spirit to Klimet, sneaker customizer Diversitile's mix between the lowbrow association of sneaker art and the "establishment" is quite similar to those of Klimet's achievements among his Symbolist peers. Symbolic of that similarity is the recent customized Nike Blazers by Diversitile. A distilled variant from two of Klimt's female paintings, applied in gradient of gold color scheme to give that mosaic ambiance. A final application of gold paint on the toecap. No words on it's availability but interested suitors could contact the artist through his website.