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Nike Sweet Classic High - LIVESTRONG | Promo Sample

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There is still a while to go for the physically and mentally taxing Tour de France, and sadly, Lance Armstrong is out of the running. However, with his good work with LIVESTRONG and stunning performance from his career, his stories live on. For those who have been keeping an eye on the LIVESTRONG releases recently, the bicycle print is one big player in the line-up of kicks, be it subtle or bold. However, like any other sneaker line-ups, some will never see the light of day on racks. Here is a sweet pair (pun intended), a unreleased Nike Sweet Classic High LIVESTRONG promo sample that is up for bidding on ebay.

Retro styling with simplicity is key in this white canvas number. The black lacquered Swoosh and yellow accents in piping, lining and tag brings just the right measure of energy to an abbreviated pair of sneakers. Nothing ostentatious or fancy, these should hit the spot for sneaker purists who love a good pair of kicks that can go with everything. Plus, there is nothing quite as timeless as white canvas.