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LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD | Webstore Launch

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For the anarchist who rise against the greedy corporate gears and perhaps, capitalism (and have burned your copy of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged in a bonfire), NEIGHBORHOOD had started a new line, LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD named after the Flithy Lucre album by the Sex Pistols not too long ago. The entire line is heavily influenced with the seductive lawlessness and chaos of the Sex Pistols, and champions sartorial bravado with dark palettes, leather, and definitive slogans. LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD has been tapped for collaborations, and one of the high profile works has been with adidas Originals by Originals kzk. With that said, LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD has been getting a lot of attention and love from the public. And, perhaps in a slight irony, LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD will be contributing the oiling the capitalist gears by opening up a web store very soon on July 17. Irony aside, an easier way to shop is always welcome.