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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Anthony Terry

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It's not to say that Nike hasn't been coming out with great designs and colorways (sorry for even suggesting the blasphemy), but there is something quite refreshing about regular people giving their own takes on what a good pair of sneaker should look like. Hence, Nike Bespoke reports from 21 Mercer have been one of the most interesting things to check out in terms of sneaker inspirations. The latest to drop by the Nike Bespoke studio is Anthony Terry who made his way up from sunny Philly. And much like the sun, his Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke are quite happy and outdoorsy in a mix of brown leather (as seen on hiking boots and rugged shoes, perhaps), waxed yellow canvas, gum midsoles, and red accents on the laces, outsoles, stitching, and terry clothed Swoosh and lining. If this doesn't remind you of sunshine in a fall foliage romp, we don't really know what will. Enjoy!