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W+K x Old Spice x The Man Your Man Could Smell Like - 2 Day Internet Social Media | Video

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Once upon a time, Old Spice inspired a scent reminiscent of middle America lumberjacks who rehydrate on moonshine brewed in their bathtubs (hence the Old Spice to cover up the lack of actual functional use of the tub). But, under a new commercial genius, Old Spice, is now The Man Your Man could smell like. Correction, we believe it is the man all ladies want their man to smell like. Seriously, TMYM, also known as Isaiah Mustafa, can ride a horse backwards, walk on water, bake a cake and swan dive-- what's not to swoon about? Well, let's not forget the rock hard abs one can possibly grate cheese on as well. All masculine talk designed to make the rest of the XY population feel extremely inferior aside, W+K has recently built on its Old Spice "Questions" ad and pulled off one of the greatest internet social media stints in two days. If you have been following the Old Spice youtube channel like the other 100,000 users or logged on to view like the rest of the 61,002,340 views to date, you will have noticed the responses W+K and Old Spice have created to viewers on facebook, twitter and youtube who have left comments. Some memorable responses include one made for Gillet, Ellen DeGeneres, and a get-well note for Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg.

Sure, Old Spice and W+K have probably already generated one of the most impressive convoy of traffic with Mustafa and his abs that seem to have a life of their own, but tapping into other social media leaders and getting a slice of their traffic pie? Well played, W+K, well played. Check out an interview with the W+K Portland team which delves into what goes on behind the scenes, and also take a look at some memorable videos. Caveat: For men, if you need a hefty therapist session to rebuild your confidence afterwards, may we suggest getting a grip of yourself, stop staring at your flab and run out to your nearest CVS for some Old Spice? It would be a lot cheaper.