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BAPE x Crazy Pig - Ape Face Ring Gold Version

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Ape Face Ring 3

BAPE founder and designer NIGO is always on the move and several steps ahead of the pack. After the success of many of his business ventures, he has been involved with the Pass The Baton, which acts as a complete new recycling concept store. Within it is the NIGOLDEN STORE that showcases and sells NIGO's private collection of goods, toys, art and anything in between. This Ape Face ring was made as a one of piece by Crazy Pig and there is only one of these available around the world. Made with real gold, in size 19 and even though it is used, the condition is superb. Collectors might want to get their hands on this rare occasion to purchase a historic piece from BAPE. via: Cliff Edge

Ape Face Ring

Ape Face Ring 2