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SLOW x Wilson - Rucksack

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Wilson is the classic American sports equipment manufacturer but the Wilson Japan also produce their own apparel line that play on the Americana theme and concept. Unlike the traditional sports apparel line, the latest creations are collaboration with Japanese bag brand SLOW (abbreviated initials for Sports, Luxury, Outdoor and Work) catering towards casual wear market. The rucksack silhouette is inspired by the outdoor backpacks and utilizes the highly durable nylon material by Wilson on the outer. There are three colors produced in beige, black and green with each colorway receiving a different charm on the zipper of the top compartment. Beige is accented with kicker figure, black is baseball glove and green is a football. via: Cueve

Rucksack Black

Rucksack Black 2

Rucksack Black 3

Rucksack Black 4

Rucksack Black 5

Rucksack Black 6

Rucksack Black 7

Rucksack Black 8

Rucksack Black 9

Rucksack Green

Rucksack Green 2

Rucksack Beige

Rucksack Beige 2