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CLOT - 2010 Summer | New Releases

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New items have launched from Hong Kong's CLOT from the current 2010 Summer collection, The Black Sun. Find some of these already stocked at the CLOT flagship stores and if not then some items will be hitting the shelves later this week. The current collection is inspired by the 2012 phenomenon, the end of the world. However their view is a positive one in that human race will continue to survive past the doomed date. The collection takes inspiration from this thought and makes suggestion on the possible apparel that would be worn. There wide range of items from t-shirts to elaborately detailed shirts, chinos and pull over jackets.

Ride Till I Die_Black

Ride Till I Die_White

Illuminati Tee_Grey

Confused clot tee_GREY

bullet clot tee_white

bullet clot tee_black

Hunting Vest Shirt_White

Pannelled Hoodie Dress Shirt_White

Pannelled Hoodie Dress Shirt_Black

Acid Pullover_White

Acid Pullover_Sax

super used chino reconstructed_Army Green

super used chino reconstructed_beige

super used chino reconstructed_blue

Leather Lined Pocket Chino_Grey

Leather Lined Pocket Chino_Beige