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Ferrari - Ferrari World Amuseument Park Coming To Abu Dhabi

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Dubai, and Abu Dhabi (a place where some have deemed as the new Dubai), are perhaps one of the few places on Earth that can afford to shell out for the creative, the outrageous, and extravagant at the moment. For car fans, what could perhaps be more enticing than racing laps in some of the world's most coveted speed monsters? Sadly, not everyone will be able to live out their dreams as a racer, and the only simulation one can get seems to be from the Gran Turismo games for Play Station. However, Ferrari is about to change up the game a little with a new Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi.

Just released today from Ferrari are the specs and attractions of the upcoming theme park. The park will boast 20 rides ranging from the Fiorano GT Challenge which pits two F430 Spiders on parallel tracks against each other, to the world's fastest roller coaster topping at 240mph, the Formula Rossa. On another note, according to Ferrari, the amusement park will also house Galleria Ferrari, which is like a walk-through of Ferrari's history, one classic model at a time. The Galleria is also said to have the largest collection of Ferrari models outside out Maranello. via: autoblog