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Nike Football - "The Future Has Been Written" | Video

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Before the 2010 FIFA World Cup, it was easy to imagine all the vast possibilities that may happen during the month-long competition. However, as time goes on, the freedom to write the future gets narrower and narrower for more and more players. Especially for the Nike Write The Future campaign star players who had all ended up packing for home mid-way. Sadly, the image of Rooney living in a caravan shall stick for a while as the English team didn't perform quite up to par. So, to conclude the campaign, Nike Football had just released a resolution video, "The Future Has Been Written", of course, telling the tale of the 2010 FIFA World Cup champions kicking back at breakfast, pouring over the daily paper. And yes, Iniesta, the hero of Spain is also featured here-- it would be blasphemous to miss him.