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BAPE - Multi Camo Mini-Octopus Card

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BAPE have collaborated with Octopus Card in the past and a new Hong Kong exclusive collaboration project will release at the end of July. For those who have visited Hong Kong will know the versatility and convenience of the Octopus Card which acts as a debit card for transit systems, convenience and super market store as well as major retail and restaurant chains. The latest items utilize the Mini-Octopus Card that is almost one third of the original size and is highly portable as a key chain. Three different BAPE key rings are matched with the multi camo Mini-Octopus Card. Of course it is functional in Hong Kong but these items can be used simply as key chains and accessories. These will drop at BAPE Store HK on July 31st and in limited numbers.

Octopus Card Milo

Octopus Card Black Milo

Octopus Card

Nigo pic for PRESS