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BRIEFING x BEAMS Plus - Patrol Pack

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Patrol Pack

BEAMS Plus is a sub label within the Japanese retail giant Beams and it has been working closely with military spec luggage brand BRIEFING on many occasions. Each occasion have garnered much attention from fans and as a results each collaboration project has sold out completely after its launch. The latest from the winning combination is the Patrol Pack that goes back to the basic backpack used by the military. Simple exterior is equipped by multiple straps on each side of the backpack and it enables attachment of various smaller packs onto the exterior as demonstrated by the following photos. Please keep in mind that these extra pouches and packs are sold separately to the backpack. Currently these items are available at BEAMS online store and retail stores.

Patrol Pack Black 8

Patrol Pack Olive

Patrol Pack Black

Patrol Pack Black 2

Patrol Pack Black 3

Patrol Pack Black 4

Patrol Pack Black 5

Patrol Pack Black 6

Patrol Pack Black 7