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OriginalFake x Stussy - Sunglasses Collection | Naomi + Michel

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Gimmicky? Perhaps, but KAWS' OriginalFake has definitely proven itself to be attentive to quality as it may seem like a bundle of fun and tricks-- let's just bring up the Gore-tex shell jackets and Starks Laces to prove our point. For the latest OriginalFake release, the collaborative shades created hand in hand with Stussy seems to want to challenge the concept of transitions lenses. These shades, when fogged up, will feature images of the gamed OriginalFake "XX" on the lenses. Not quite certain when this will come in handy, but we suppose these will give people a reason not to take their sunglasses off when eating a steaming bowl of pho. There are two models available, the Naomi and the Michel, check them out and revel in the inordinate amount of "XX" printed on the insides of the arms as well.