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BEAMS Works x B Jirushi Yoshida x PORTER - Special Case

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Special Case Blue 2

In our current social climate, digital gadgets have become an extension of ourselves. Many of us carry more than one gadget with us, making portability an essential criteria when choosing these gadgets. B Jirushi Yoshida has teamed up with BEAMS Works and PORTER to provide a solution for the digitally inclined. The Special Case can hold up to two compact gadgets such as digital camera, cell phone, MP3 players and anything else in between. Two separate compartments safely guards the devices and the shoulder strap can be used to carry them. Otherwise the case can be attached to the belt via the velcro straps at the back for those who don't like shoulder straps. Four colors are available in black, red, green and blue rip stop materials with contrasting trimmings. via: B Jirushi Yoshida

Special Case

Special Case 2

Special Case Red

Special Case Red 2

Special Case Red 3

Special Case Blue

Special Case Blue 3

Special Case Green

Special Case Green 2

Special Case Green 3