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Ignition Man x SWAGGER x Samurai Magazine - 10th Anniversary Items

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Ignition Man

Ignition Man is the famed rapper of the Japanese hip hop group Shakkazombie is also the co-founder of Tokyo brand SWAGGER and they have held good relation with Japanese street publication Samurai Magazine. So it is not surprising that he has been invited to partake in the 10th anniversary collaboration project. The collation items include Gradation t-shirt and SWG Raid Jacket that feature the famous SWG logo prominently placed on the apparel. These are scheduled for release around late September however these are ready for pre-order on Samurai Webshop.

Gradation T-Shirt

Gradation T-Shirt 2

Gradation T-Shirt 3

Gradation T-Shirt 4

Gradation T-Shirt 5

Gradation T-Shirt 6

SWG Raid Jacket 2

SWG Raid Jacket 3

SWG Raid Jacket 4

SWG Raid Jacket 5

SWG Raid Jacket 6

SWG Raid Jacket 7