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Nike Air Force 1 - Bronx Quickstrike | Preview

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Bronx 3

Another leak photo have been released from BX Sports who looks to be dropping the Nike Air Force 1 Bronx Quickstrike. Full details are not yet released, however by looking at the photos on their blog, the concept of the series can be seen clearly. This Bronx version shares the same material break down as the Manhattan pair using white leather and blue cotton material. Red piping have been used around the trimming of each section while the Swoosh have been color red, matching the midsole stitching. The BX logo is prominently stitched on the outer heel and the inner soles also reveal a The Bronx logo representing the borough. "The Bronx" and "New York" is printed in red on the blue shoe laces as well matching the red inner lining.

Bronx 2


Bronx 4

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