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Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium - Brooklyn - WBF 'Five Boroughs Pack'

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While we are not exactly certain how colorways have been selected for the Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium WBF 'Five Boroughs Pack' (Why is Queens green and yellow? Perhaps we will find out sometime), the fact is in the past few days, each borough in New York City has been surfacing with their respective Air Force 1 Low Premium kicks. Thus far, the roll call has gotten past Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and now we have Brooklyn. Crafted from the same mix of leather and chenille Swoosh, apparently Brooklyn is represented by purple and black. With four down, there is only Staten Island left to go. Stay tuned for the last of the pack, and also keep an eye out for release information of these kicks (some have already appeared on ebay) so you can rep for your 'hood too.via: Joey Kickz