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Pointer x Anderson Belts

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Pointer may be known for footwear, but since the label knows good leather for their shoes, they know a well-made leather accessory when they see one. Hence, for Fall/Winter 2010, Pointer has partnered up with Anderson, an Italian company which has been making fine belts with some of Europe's best tanneries since 1966, to create a few weaved belts. Weaved belts convey a sense of old school nostalgia for the casual, and a good weaved leather belt is as timeless as a pair of well-crafted brogue shoes-- a menswear essential. With the Pointer point of view, the new weaved belts have been made from woven elastics and a mix of leather waxed canvas. Dress up your weekend denim and khakis with a good belt, and to get yours, hit up FUSShop.