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The Roots - "The Fire Ft. John Legend" | Video

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Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated musical collaboration and release of the year, many music aficionados especially those who enjoy a good soulful dose of hip-hop have been looking forward to The Roots' "How I Got Over", which is available in stores now. One of the biggest collaborators on this album is music's ladies' man, John Legend. Interestingly the duo's latest video drop, "The Fire Ft. John Legend" is not the soapy tunes we are used to from hip-hop today. The just-released video chronicles a post-apocalyptic paramilitary group, set in 1945, post World War II, on a death march. The group, led by a Kurtz-like figure will be forcing the transfer of a group of young men who will be used as both food and labor, and along the way, many will perish. What happens at the end of the march and for those who survived? Watch the video directed by Rik Cordero and executive produced by The Roots to find out.