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White Mountaineering x Mountain Research - White Mountain Research 1st Anniversary T-Shirt

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White Mountain Research T-Shirt 4

White Mountaineering celebrates their flagship store's 1st year anniversary by releasing the second version of the White Mountain Research t-shirt with another Tokyo heavy weight brand Mountain Research. Both brands have mountain lifestyle in common and the t-shirt graphics are made up of items used for mountain climbing or hiking. On the front of the t-shirt is the Mountain Research logo that have been redesigned with addition W in it to represent White Mountaineering. On the back is the number 1 which signifies the anniversary of the flagship store. This t-shirt is sold exclusively at White Mountaineering and .......Research General Store in Tokyo from Friday, August 6th.

White Mountain Research T-Shirt

White Mountain Research T-Shirt 3

White Mountain Research T-Shirt 2