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APPLEBUM - Be Like Mike T-Shirt

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Be Like Mike T-Shirt3

APPLEBUM have made another tribute t-shirt to their favorite basketball player. The Be Like Mike t-shirt features Roman numerals are printed on the front chest which equates to 45÷2 < 23 and any follower of basketball or sneaker game would know what that means. Two versions are produced with white/light blue and light blue/white color combinations. On the back of the t-shirt is a silhouette print of kids playing basketball on an outdoor court with palm trees overlooking them. As usual the left sleeve hem is detailed by the red APPLEBUM flag tag. Currently these are available on APPLEBUM online shop and stockists.

Be Like Mike T-Shirt2

Be Like Mike T-Shirt

Be Like Mike T-Shirt4

Be Like Mike T-Shirt5