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HIFANA "24H" CD+DVD | Released Today

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Japanese breakbeat duo, HIFANA, had just launched their latest full album, "24H". If you think that HIFANA sounds familiar but can't quite recall who they are, you might be thinking about the playful musicians who mastered the art of making music from shoes for Nike. Their latest album is so named "24H" as they aim to produce tracks that will last through the whole day, from wake to sleep, and they have also created a video to go along with the tracks. The interesting thing about this album is that all 12 audio+visual tracks segue seamlessly into one another, just like how time operates. Aside from HIFANA, the folks over at W+K Tokyo Lab has also contributed to the creation of this album. Also, look out for famed collaborators such as DJ Kentaro, Electronik and Kazuma Ikeda on 24H as well.