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The RZA x Nike 6.0 Commercial Series | Videos

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Nike 6.0 has been known for roping in the big guns to help with their advertising and marketing efforts. For instance, Nike's action sports division had brought Todd Selby on board to create a campaign around their riders and athletes, creating an interesting visual diary which gave the world a look into the lives and spaces of these Nike stars. This season, Nike 6.0 departed from the visual route and went sonic with the help of Grammy award winning producer, author and de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, RZA. RZA has remixed some tracks catering to each specific rider for their clips for the commercial, and each note is supposed to be a pitch perfect reflection of what RZA thinks of the riders. Thus far, the videos debuted includes ones for Ryan Dungey, Garrette Reynolds and Kolohe Andino.