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MEDICOM TOY x Star Wars x Stussy - 400% BE@RBRICK + T-Shirt Pack

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Not too long ago, we shared that Stussy had ventured over to the dark side along with Medicom Toy with the Be@rbrick 400% Darth Vader. To celebrate the launch of the evil vinyl buddy, Stussy had also created a special limited edition t-shirt for the occasion. The t-shirt only runs in a limited number of 100, and they are meant for giveaway. Out of the 800 limited run of 400% Be@rbricks, there will be entry tickets enclosed to win one of the 100 t-shirts. Rendered in a simple graphic slogan "You Don't Know The Power Of The Dark Side" in Stussy font, this is definitely a collectible one will be sad to miss. The Be@brick and the t-shirt will both be dropping on August 14 at Stussy Chapter stores, so stay alert!