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Nom de Guerre x CONVERSE Skid Grip CVO | Video

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In the name of war (well, true in a sense, exaggeration in another), Nom de Guerre has partnered up with Converse once again after their collaboration on the (RED) project to create an ultra simple and pared down pair of black rubberized cotton Skid Grip, clandestine and perfect for fall. This weekend, on July 30, the shoe will launch alongside a short film directed by Zach Gold, featuring two military groups in conflict, but of course, donning the new Nom de Guerre for Converse Skid Grip CVO. The launch will also coincide with the launch of Nom de Guerre's Fall/Winter 2010 collection "Countdown to Violence" and its online retail, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for the shoes to hit Nom de Guerre on July 30. On a side note, the film will also be available online starting August 2 online at And, for those who would like a little background to the film, according to Nom de Guerre, it "explores these themes with a lens on group solidarity, tension, and ideas of fraternity and sublimating one's identity to operate within a group"