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adidas Originals MEGA Diner 2010 | Microsite + Video

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One cup Torison technology, one cup Soft Cell technology, pinches of neon bright shades and adidas Originals flavor to garnish-- the adidas Originals MEGA Diner is exactly where you can hit up for a fresh-off-the-sneaker-grill pair of scrumptious kicks. Paul Iacono is already a frequent at the diner, and gotten his hands on the biggest, baddest, freshest thing there is, served up by none other than B.o.B. Well, don't go searching for it on Yelp! yet, the adidas Originals MEGA Diner 2010 is just another winningly fun and creative marketing effort for the new adidas Originals MEGA Collection.

Aside from the commercial, adidas Originals has also built a MEGA Diner microsite which mimics the experience you will have if the MEGA Diner was real and you were a patron like Paul Iacono. Answer a few questions to help make a decision on what to get-- something sweet? Something salty? Something hot? How hungry are you? Would you like some ketchup and mustard? Then, your new line cook extraordinaire will throw some laces on the grill and serve up something to suit your appetite. After wards, you can choose to share your dish (with your friends), dig into it (and check out the specs), flip through the menu once more or order for yourself or friend.

Hungry yet?