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On Pedder x Suitman x Visvim x Dita - Bib Shirts and Glasses

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American-Korean artist Young Kim also known as Suitman uses the suit and shirt attire as his key signature of his art. His projects span over two decades and Young's passion of having others partake in his art founded 'Suitman is everywhere' photo session campaign five years ago. Every so often Young brings his camera to the streets and asks passers by to dress up as Suitman for a photo opportunity. Through his road show experience, Young created his unique 'pull-over' style suit and bib shirt set which gave convenience and comfort during his many travels.

Hong Kong retailer On Pedder had invited Suitman to participate in their artist's product and exhibition project in the summer of 2009. Hiroki Nakamura of visvim, a good friend of Young was then engaged into the project to manufacture the shirts. Special Suitman x Dita glasses was also produced for special order.

After almost twelve months, the On Pedder x Suitman x visvim bib shirt collection will be launched on July 30th at a launch event in On Pedder. All items are limited in quantities and will be available exclusively in On Pedder store until August 15th, 2010. When in Hong Kong, be sure to check out the exhibition as well as the products.

On Pedder
1/F, New World Tower | Map
16 - 18 Queen's Road Central
Central, Hong Kong





Suitman X Dita 1b

Suitman X Visvim 1b

Suitman X Visvim 1c

Suitman X Visvim 1a

Suitman X Visvim 2a

Suitman X Visvim 2b

Suitman X Visvim 2c