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YSL - Fall/Winter - Capsule Sneaker Collection | Video

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There are quite a few contenders in the luxury sneaker market right now, since the uptown crowd saw the need to integrate and expand themselves into a new clique-- the downtown clique who are indispensable in trendsetting and taste making. Lanvin, Dior Homme, Gucci are just a few of the famed luxury houses who have successfully brought a luxurious touch to the urban footwear staple. Of course, French fashion house, YSL, is not one to miss out on the game, and has been purveying great high-top sneakers for a while now as well, with its very own core loyal followers. For Fall/Winter 2010, YSL has created a video to showcase its capsule collection of sneakers are have departed slightly from previous high octane and glossy numbers "postmarked" with the YSL logo, and became slightly more muted in monochromes, neutrals and tonal mesh-up of materials. Check the classic high-top silhouette and chukkah-inspired numbers. These are meant to be worn with the hip downtown insouciance, where your clothes and accessories don't define who you are, but are just utilitarian means of getting around. via: Juncture.