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Burton Snowboards - New 2011 Website and Catalogue Launch

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Are you ready? No, we really mean it. Are you ready for your life to be changed once again and to hit the slopes with your board and shred through some power at ballistic speed? If you are not, Burton will get you ready as they have just launched their new 2011 website and catalog today. While the new catalog is armed withe everything a rider needs to know about the upcoming products and gear that will cater to upping the game be it through the park or not, the new website is more interactive and user friendly than ever.

Check out Burton team and get a comprehensive look at each rider's biography, background and achievements, find the right board for you in two easy steps, sign up for the catalog or join the community and interact with the other like-minded thrill seekers out there.

And we will ask you again-- are you ready?