Oryon x TRON: Legacy x adidas | Detailed Look


Not too long ago, we had previously previewed an upcoming collaboration between adidas and highly anticipated Disney film, TRON: Legacy from SDCC. While many can see that the three-stripes and TRON designs do light up and have a futuristic, glowing presence, not many people know what makes the shoes glow in the cool, eerie blue-manner just like the alternate universe in the movie. Don't doubt-- it is not 3M, and it is not as simple as some kind of reflective material-- this collaboration goes way deeper and scientific than that. The secret lies behind a patented technology developed by the geniuses of Oryon Tech.

This new technology, all jargon aside, means that the reflective material are actually lamps. Except these lamps, crafted from polyurethane and a newly formulated ink, are three-dimensional and flexible. Oryon Tech has successfully eliminated the rigid nature of conventional EL, creating a 180 degrees flexible electroluminescent lamp. This is achieved through a process known as PTF, and is trademarked under ELastolite. Check out the detailed pictures, and enjoy the amount of thought, creativity, research and development that went into them!