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Kanye West - From Civilization To Power | Behind-The-Scenes Video

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Marco Brambilla, New York-based filmmaker and artist who is the man behind Demolition Man, and has exhibited in notable spaces such as the Guggenheim Museum and New Museum of Contemporary Art has recently been commissioned by Kanye West to create the video for the latter's release, Power. For those who can't quite recall Brambilla's work, if you have been to the Standard Hotel in NYC, the acid-laden videos running in the lacquered elevator space is called "Civilization", created by Brambilla. In this behind-the-scenes video which traces Brambilla's work, the meaning behind them and what Brambilla tries to convey.

For Power, Brambilla was inspired by Michelangelo's work in the Sistine Chapel and this piece depicts an empire on the brink of collapse from its own excess and corruption. Perhaps nothing would be quite as visually fitting than a montage of visually elephantine experience of a faux historical moment which does deal with the textbook causes of the fall of a great empire-- and this, is the reason why Kanye West with an uncanny ability to bring art and music and the commercial all into the same befuddled spot to perfection, will also come back into power.