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On Pedder x Suitman x Visvim x Dita Bib Shirts and Glasses Launch | Event Recap

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Suitman 12

Inside the bustling On Pedder store in Central, Hong Kong, was the backdrop for the interactive product launch party for On Pedder x Suitman x visvim x Dita items, by none other than famed designer and artist Suitman aka Young Kim. The event was like no other with guests able to try on the Bib Shirt and custom made Dita spectacles with Suitman signature yellow lens. For anyone who is familiar with Suitman's work will know that he likes to involve the general public into his artistic realm and guests cued up to get a piece of the action or rather to be like Suitman. Guests who participated also walked away with a specially chopped instant photo taken by Suitman.

On disply were the Bib Shirts made by visvim in four different versions and accompanied by Dita glasses. There were several photos on display by Suitman for each of the different bib shirts. It will not be a Suitman party without his mobile DJ cart that looks like a street food stalls that are common place in Asia. Apart from the current releases, other Suitman merchandises were on display as well showcasing the vast amount of work that he has completed over his career. It will be on display until mid August at On Pedder, so be sure to pop in when you are in the neighborhood.

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