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PUMA Clyde Premium

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Clyde Premium Burgundy 2

For the Fall 2010 season, the PUMA classic sneaker model Clyde Premium is dressed in the best available material to please the sneaker heads and PUMA heads. From far, it is hard to see any difference in these models and the general releases, but from close up you can feel the premium suede used on the uppers as well as the smooth leather on the PUMA form stripe on the side and on the heel patch. Also take note of the color schemes as it pays homage to the long history of the Clyde and it will be a perfect pair for the colder climate that will be coming up. via: mita sneakers

4-7-8 Ueno | Map
AMEYOKO Side Building 2FL
Taito-ku, Tokyo Japan
TEL #: +81-03-3832-8346

Clyde Premium Burgundy

Clyde Premium Burgundy 3

Clyde Premium Natural

Clyde Premium Natural 2

Clyde Premium Natural 3

Clyde Premium Navy

Clyde Premium Navy 2

Clyde Premium Navy 3