Stussy - Fall/Winter 2010 - New Releases


Who would have thought, with all the talk about cut-and-sew and branching out of t-shirts and hoodies, sometimes there is a good sense of nostalgia. But let's not mistake throwback classics for random articles of t-shirts and hoodies printed in basements that can't quite make it. For Fall/Winter 2010, Stussy brings back the colorful and loud-- everything we loved about streetwear in the nineties back to be a part of its collection. Check out the "Yates Big Stock" T-Shirt which features an over-sized Stussy logo-- old school style. Also, out with the slim denim that will have bits squished uncomfortably when sitting down or with the slightest movement, Stussy cuts their blues big and loose (without having them hang low to the ground because that would be too much) this season. Other pieces that veer away from the t-shirts are the very colorful, color-blocked and print-lined hooded shell jacket, and a simple white short-sleeved button down with a slightly longer sleeve than your regular summer versions.

These have just arrived in Stussy, so check them out and get a little color back.