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Levi's x Filson - Levi's Workwear By Filson Collection

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Genuine Bridle Leather, brass rivets, oil-finish tin cloth, and more...premium materials for which time has forgotten till now. Introducing Levi's Workwear by Filson, a collection that celebrates the true pioneers in contemporary American history, the miners, longshoremen, cowboys, and builders, the ones who toiled under the scorching sun or in the unbearable darkness and cold. With the help of Filson, a label also with 100+ years of history, Levi's is able to look towards the next chapter in its company annul with this collaboration. Exemplify what a true traditional workwear is, the collection includes the classic Levi's Truck Jacket constructed from Filson's own oil finish Tin Cloth, or the Filson Cruiser Jacket in traditional Levi's raw denim. Others included in this limited collection are the duffle bags of various sizes, wool cap, a rigid denim, and a functional shooting denim shirt. To keep the Artisan Americana theme, all is made at the C.C. Filson production complex in Seattle, Washington. Prices ranging from $50 to $228, the Levi's Workwear by Filson Collection will be available starting this month at Levi's and Filson retail stores and Levi's online store.