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Obscura Magazine Issue 01 | On Sale Today

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Right now, there are a few acts of bravery that the common man can do which takes an exceptional amount of confidence and courage. No, we are not talking about arming up and heading off to a battle, even though it might be quite equally distressing. We are talking about going into print and creating magazines. With publications folding left and right, and everything moving off the newsstands and going online, it takes quality, thought and niche for a magazine to survive. However, the good thing is that, in this climate, we know the survivors still thriving in tangible forms are indeed good reads that one can invest in.

In comes a new publication by Hong Kong's SILLYTHING, Obscura. Obscura is a magazine which showcases the voices of the contemporary, and is a multi-faceted lifestyle publication designed to give its readers a good look into the contemporary world, the leading creative minds, players, items, labels, companies and more. The first issue has already hit the stands and is available at some of the finest retailers in the world such as Dover Street Market, colette, Page One, Reed Space, EXI.T and Wood Wood. Also, MILK magazine has featured the magazine in its current issue as well, so do support a good read, put down your iPad and remember, there is nothing like the experience of holding a magazine in your hand.