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Nike Air Max LeBron VIII (8) - Black-White-Varsity Red | Detailed Look

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How quickly the public perception of one athlete can change in the matter of days. For years, he was exalted as the Savior, the King, the one who will bring a much needed title to middle America. However, the condemnations, the cussing all started immediately when his intention to sign with the Miami Heat became clear. Despite the hype, the accusations, the ebb and flow of an athlete's career, one thing is clear, LeBron James is still a man of skill sets and talents, no matter what jersey he puts on or city he lives in. To amplify that very ideal, Nike and Nike Basketball created the next entry to his signature collection, the Air Max LeBron VIII.

Unconventional in its design process, Nike designers adapt what works in the AML 8's predecessor, the Air Max LeBron VII, instead of re-tooling for a completely new design. The result is a sneaker that is very similar in looks and fit to the Air Max LeBron VII, including the carbon fiber reinforced Flywires appointments. Full on Air Max unit outsole and embossed lion's head icon, the Air Max LeBron VIII, like its namesake, will still garner the attention, for good or bad. The Air Max LeBron VIII is currently available in extreme limited numbers at Marquee Sole online store.