Precious - Bike With A Brain


Meet Precious. He moves, he has a brain, and he has feelings. No, he's not a puppy. Instead, he is a bike. For three months, Precious will be riding through the stateside to help raise money for LIVESTRONG. Before this, let's get into how Precious got the smarts he now has.

A group of engineers and programmers made use of a lot of sensors to record a lot of different things ranging from location to humidity, rotation, speed and more. Then, these information are translated into "feelings". For instance, Precious can think something along the lines of "It's nice riding through Prospect Park on a sunny day". Then, these feelings and thoughts are shared with everyone around the world via Twitter and the Precious site.

Think you are way too emotionally attached to your first bike? Wait until you meet Precious. Actually, check out the video and we can almost guarantee you will be hooked on the spot already.