Sharpie Liquid Pencil


Liquid? Pencil? Sharpie? Is it possible to embody all three of those in one slim, casing fit for a 0.5mm ballpoint pen? Considering this is the company which provides tools for creativity, it is not surprising that Sharpie has a few tricks up its own sleeves. This time around, Sharpie has pushed the boundaries of "permanent" and created a liquid pencil which writes like a pen, dries like a pencil, and stay erasable for up to 24 hours, after which, the writing becomes permanent like Sharpie. We already hear creative gears grinding everywhere to take advantage of the 24 hour lapse...

The new Liquid Pencil is set to hit stores in September, but Office Depot already has them in stock online. And let's tap our liquid pencils together to celebrate the end of broken lead and sharpening, and having to carry a pencil, and a pen!