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Interview Magazine - Takashi Murakami

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In the latest August issue of Interview Magazine, Alison Gingeras, chief curator of the Francois Pinault collation at Palazzo Grassi spoke with one of the most iconic contemporary artists of today, Takashi Murakami for an interview feature, and the duo chats about everything from Murakami's apparently indigenous Japanese dog, Pom, to how he approaches dog breeding the same way he approaches art, his reaction to critics dubbing him the "Japanese Andy Warhol" and how his studio is not the same as the Warhol Factory (according to him, because they don't have drugs in Japanese culture). The interview is an easy and fun piece to read, gives insight to Murakami as a person beyond the Superflat and also his views on the contemporary art scene (he collects some Western artists but Chinese artists are not on his radar). Check out the full interview at Interview Magazine. images via: Juncture