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Lotus Exos Type 125 - Race Car + Race Car Lifestyle

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Fact one: Not everyone can drive in the F1 circuit. Fact too: If you have a million dollars, Fact one can be overturned. For a price tag of a million dollars (we will not comment on whether that is a hefty sum or a speck of a chip in the bank), Lotus will offer you the Lotus Exos Type 125 which blasts off at 650HP and roars with a V8 engine. Plus, a special membership to the Exos club, where professionals will teach you everything you need to know about driving this car both mentally and physically, and then prepare you for a five-race series across Europe in 2011. Whoever said money can't buy everything is clearly mistaken. Well, unless you are not one of those 25 lucky ones who are first to shell out a million. via: NYTimes//Uncrate