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M.I.A.'s album /\/\/\Y/\ is out now, and it has received mixed reviews. The lead single, "XXXO," is one that melds a pop sensibility with a bit of M.I.A.'s characteristic style. Jay-Z even added a verse on the remix to generate some buzz for the Sri-Lankan-born singer. The video, without Hova,  is directed by the hip-hop-video icon Hype Williams, who is among the most famous music video directors of the genre who is well known for his bright colors and flashy style. This video, however, takes a much more contemporary approach, and it's a cross between Bollywood melodrama and infomercial or cable-access graphics. Beyond the deliberately low-budget styled graphics, thought is a bit of self-parody and innovation, which may be tied to the chorus' line "You want me [to] be somebody who I'm really not." Check the video after the jump.